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This is a silly thing, but...

I run D&D games sometimes, and...

I made this table for when there a player gets stuck trying to speak or interpret a language they don't actually understand.

The main one I use it for is when players encounter aberrations from the Far Realms. They might try to communicate in Deep Speech, but since the mode of communication is so alien, including clicks and burps, wiggling tendrils and inhuman smells... mortal beings from the material pane usually get it slightly wrong. 

So here are 20 random phrases that players, monsters, or NPCs can say incorrectly.

1          I am a pineapple.

2          What is sheep?

3          Your mother is a freaking aardvark.

4          Since the accident, I am toes.

5          Yes, I am fluent in deep speech (or name of attempted language).

6          My father was a shoehorn.

7          One of us is your broom’s hat.

8          The wrestling champion was bees.

9          And this short sentence, which is helpful.

10         All the time.

11         What a pity.

12         That’s what I thought, too.

13         Also, there’s this place right over there that sells snacks.

14         Uh-huh.

15         Well, it depends how specific you want to be.

16        You know, that reminds me of a time when… hold on.

17         Stop. You’re in terrible danger.

18        Oh. I think I’ve heard this one before.

19        This is where things get weird, because I heard her cousin was going to be in

                                                                             charge of the whole thing.

20       I totally agree.

oh well.

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