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Ben Boyarko is an alien mystic from the swirling depths of the cosmos, come to earth to save humanity from the creeping doom of an apocalyptic future through genuine kindness and occasional global hyparxis. Also he likes writing.

He also is studying at NVU to develop counseling skills, studying somatic experiencing, and body psychology.

And he writes dumb comics apparently...

You know what? This guy... What is even up with this guy?

Sorry. I got to break the third person crap, here.

I'm gonna just be totally honest with you all. I don't have the stomach for marketing, or trying to portray myself in any serious way. I'm just me. I'm never going to be popular, or cut my edges so that I look clean or presentable or whatever. I'm gonna just keep doing what I do, which... I don't even know what that is apparently. 

I get up at the crack of still-dark-in-the-morning. I read scholarly articles for fun. I make art semi-compulsively whenever I get the inspiration.

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, and I'm just going to keep doing that.

The serious people that i talk to will probably never take me seriously enough. The cool people I talk to will probably never think I'm cool enough. I'm going to just have to get over the fact that I don't actually care as much about that as I do about whatever ridiculous thing I'm about to go do next.

Which at the moment is burning peanut pancakes on the stove while I type this out for some reason?


I gotta go.

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