Virtual Dungeons & Dragons with Ben

Since before the "worst year ever" I've been doing a D&D camp thing with local kids in my community. It's almost always fun. Sometimes it's a drag, because, c'mon.

BUT since Covid, I've been running games over Zoom as an after school activity for money. I charge about the same as if players brought snacks to share. We play weekly. And it's been awesome.

A Clean Room, Reasonably Priced

As of this 2020 winter season, I'm trying to expand to offer a few new games to more people who'd like to roll with that.

The current plan is $75 gets you a one hour meeting to help create a character, a 90 minute session zero game with your party to get the campaign started, and weekly games from December-February. 


Sliding scale options available upon request.


All you need to play

Players should have a set of physical dice, or access to a dice rolling app (several are available, and I'll let you choose). In a pinch I could help players program a very basic random number generator in Excel or some similar program to roll dice.

A copy of the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition Player's Handbook is recommended, but not required.

Players will also need access to a device with zoom capabilities (a computer phone or tablet) and an email address to receive weekly zoom links.

Next round starts soon. We'll decide on campaign setting and stuff like that during the session zero, and I'll most likely write a ton of original content for your party based on what you all decide you want your game to be like. 

email me: benjaminboyarko[at] Let's make it happen.