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chardluur wreckage.png

As you wander the vast desert area that was one the heart of the Chardluur forest, you come upon the the wreckage of the Chardfruit merchant's homestead.

There is flat sandy ground all around, in steep contrast to the lush spread of fruiting bushes and trees that once grew here.

One large stump remains from the high-canopied forest. Smoothly cut off, the surface is almost polished, though lumpy and uneven. 

Two smaller stumps near to the south are similarly cut. 

The foundation stones mark where the main house once stood, cracked and somehow shinier than the merchant remembers. At the north end of the house, the foundation stones have fallen apart, making difficult terrain.

Just southwest of the foundation, deep fissures in the ground reach about 15 feet down, though they are only a few feet wide at the widest points. precious metal veins gleam in the bottom of the fissures when the light penetrates the surface.

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