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The Known Waters is the name for the mapped and traverseable areas of space maintained by The Accord - a multi species government dedicated to representative governance and humanitarian rights. Cosmopolitan worlds, where cities and population centers are dense, well established, and well defended by Accord Military presence are the heart of the Accord.

Distances are measured in the number of Starship Fuel Pearls required to transit from one spot to another. Because distances, time, and teleportation bursts vary across regions of space, this measure is more reliable than time or distance. Some ships may be less efficient than others and require more fuel to make similar voyages.

1           Parellia – cosmopolitan world -wine and spirit capital

2           Burskite – forest world

3           Chuu – paradise gardens

4           Crom – military installation of the accord

5           Piit- cosmo – retirement world

6           Jeria- Cosmo- Accord Center

7           Mithligat – Cosmo- universities libraries and study

8           Blackstone Island – mining

9           Reed – deadworld- cloudcovered

10         Hadi – cosmo- factories and industry

11         Thipis – cosmo – agricultural export and trade capital

12         Grace- starship breeding world

13         Anz – magical training world

14         Gillo- military installation

15         Hartstone- mining

16         Meredith- forest world

17         Burbia Station - spaceport

18         Corbo – cosmo – angstronomical institute

19         Sher faa – cosmo

20         Murton Proving Ground – military training facility and artillery

21         Qiz’do – arcane schooling and forest world

22         Ard Taget two (Ard Taget 1 was destroyed in a magical accident that fractured time)

23         Fip- mining poor – garbage dump world – dying

24         Lurgia- ocean world

25         Pondis- swamp world

26         MIddlebrain- cosmo

27         Henshaw- cosmo

28         Therp- cosmo

29         Innsmod- cosmo(backwater)

30         Shordenth- mining

31         Ris- forest world

32         Effer- deadworld

33         Radish- Deadworld


In addition, there are “small worlds” ranging in size from an aircraft carrier to a small moon, these are mostly uninhabitable (roll <71 on d 100), unoccupied (<81 on d 100), and inhospitable (<91 on d100).

Special thanks to Milby's Maps for sharing the following image- This ship is where the party begins their adventure in the Known Waters - hired on as crew or paying passengers under Captain Gair Ruckbeard.

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