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This used to be a page. There was some stuff here... Now there isn't. It was a bust. You know, dreams... Here one minute, evaporated back into the starry ephemeral ether then next...

ON the other hand, maybe it just also wasn't that good, you know. Maybe there was just no reason for this page to be here, alone in the endless cyber-void, crying in a sea of screaming voices, each one calling out for attention in a world where people have forgotten how to pay attention, looking for support, for caring, in a world where nobody remembers the body that houses their constantly wandering mind, where nobody is whole enough to show care, even if their lives depended on it.

Maybe none of us are good enough to save the soul-crushing world of empty attention sucking horror from itself. Maybe it's not possible to be good enough to keep existing, without being bad enough to crush the spirits of all those who have helped you. Maybe the evil required to make it in this world is not worth the price of remaining.


It wasn't for this page.

Maybe you will be better. Do better. Live the live you've always dreamed of, and be able to sustain in the world despite the evil and chaos that swirls endlessly around the attention drain of every wasted afternoon, every click-bait fueled distraction, every politically motivated revenge attempt for long forgotten offenses against the morals of a bygone age.

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