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spaceport defense w grid.png

This is a random spaceport for the Known Waters Campaign. The green area in the middle is a spaceport grazing field. The terminal wraps around it on two sides, while guard towers defend the ships and or terminal.

There are areas for security, customs, ticket sales, and an overpriced airport shop for food and common travel goods. there is a storage area for things they sell in the shop, breakroom for employees/janitorial supplies.

Contract pilots can be chartered here, and they will stop by to pickup passengers on a regular schedule.

There are always a minimum of 10 guards, one mage, and 6 commoners working at the spaceport.

Assume 1d4+1 travelers are present at any time, 2d4+2 at a busy time.


1     Unattended child

2     Young family w crying baby

3     Adult trying to get to an off-world funeral

4     1st lvl businessperson (bandit w a sending stone)

5     Off duty mercenary trying to get home (bandit captain)

6     Traveling scholar (druid, priest, or sage)

7     Musician (bard)

8     VIP (mage or spy)

There will also be other ships docking, departing, or sitting idle at any time.

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