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So the big thing is that I'm doing my practicum and internship now, so that takes a lot of time and attention.

(More on Time and Attention to come someday...)

I'm in grad school at NVU studying clinical mental health counseling. It's awesome. I love the program, and still get enough time to make weird crap for the internet.

I'm also studying with SETI, not the alien one, the trauma therapy one- to learn how to do somatic experiencing therapy, which is the best thing ever. Actually, they changed their name to SEI- Somatic Experiencing Institute. I liked the old name better, but I guess they got reasons.

Other Stuff

Oh my... I got all kinds of stuff going on.

SE practice is amazing.

I'm doing some trade with SEI, working on a thing... with some people... who are the coolest, most amazing, and brave people ever. I feel really lucky that I get to help them put together this thing they're putting together...

And I'm not supposed to tell you too much about it. But I think I can share that bit?

So much fun stuff up on DMsGuild right now! The last few summers I've written a bunch of original adventures and source material for the D&D games that I run with my son and his friends. Why not share it with the whole internet, right?

By far the most popular are these

Ridiculous and Impractical Magic Items That Are Fun projects. Hundreds of magic items, some good, some terrible, some boring as hell, and others cursed so badly that your characters will never forget them.

Everything is available Pay What You Want.





There's nothing new over here. I'm not managing this crap. I'm not working hard to hope that you, of all the millions and billions of people on the internet will drop a dollar in the hat. This isn't a job, and I'm not stalking your disposable income. I'm even less trying to pry you away from your right to make your own decisions with persuasive marketing disguised as entertainment.

I've written a few new books since I posted any of this. Each one is the best thing I've ever written. None of them are done with the endless editing that they need to be readable.

If you want to see the books, they're all up on Amazon.

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