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HADEA is a continent surrounded by unending ocean. Metropolitan city-states across the land are independent of one another, but exist in a well-established network with a common language and similar laws from place to place. Powerful guilds - Merchants, Builders, and Wizards - work together to maintain peace across the land, despite the national interests of the cities.

Settlements and villages exist all over the land outside of the cities' reach, but often under their protection.

There is some technology, and some magic in this land, though neither is particularly well-developed. There are Wizards, but mostly, they are not very good at what they do. There are stories of Builders who have made carriages that can move with no horses, but nobody has actually seen one before.

WAYSIDE is a small trading village, at a critical junction in the center of the continent. This is where the party begins.


BABYI is notable as the only city in Hadea that builds ships worthy of sea travel. The best carts and wagons are also made in Babyi.

BORTHUS is a high mountain city, rich in minerals and a prosperous history of study and design. Builders have mastered blacksmithing and architecture here over millennia.

CHARDLUUR is a beautiful city which prides itself on arts and music. In the Chardluur forest, many fruits and rich ores allow easy living without requiring much work.

KRIT is an inland city with strong traditions in both agriculture and textiles. Broad fields stretch north brimming with grain, livestock, and abundant fiber crops.


NUUS is a city of magic, study, and mystery. The oldest and most prestigious wizards' colleges in Hadea house great libraries here, though students must take a vow of silence to study within their walls.

PASHRIM is a great city on the plains, bustling with trade and artisans, and overflowing with the rich produce of the fields on both sides of the Pashrim River.


PISK prides itself upon the fine craft and rarity of its many goods. In this city, gleaming towers of sculpted metal and glass look out across the rich mountains, and makers of fine jewelry and statuary take decades to refine their work.


UNIA is surrounded by meadows and fields, much like Pashrim, however, the fields in this southernmost peninsula grow not with grain and livestock, but with wild herbs and medicinal plants that are used across the land.

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