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WAYSIDE is a small trading stop along a major junction of the safest roads in Hadea. Travelers and traders all stop in Wayside from time to time. Though only a few people live here longer than a season, hundreds of people stop in for a few days or a week on their way across the continent.


This area is a perpetual campground where wagons, tents, and haphazard structures are in constant flux. Only a few people remain in this spot year round, but there is always a fire burning, a song being sung, and a pot of stew bubbling. Lots of rumors and conversations abound.


The Wayside Inn is a huge sprawling structure with hundreds of rooms of various qualities. There is always more room at the Wayside Inn. Games of chance and finer fare can be had here, and there is always music in the air.


A huge stables where horses and beasts of burden are cared for. Wagons and carts are repaired here, but not built. About a dozen farm hands live here more or less permanently, or ride out into the surrounding countryside to raise animals for sale here.


The Wayside Trading Post is a market of great size and diversity. Almost any goods that can be found in any of the cities can be found here, and usually at a steep discount.


Operated by the Hadea Merchants' Guild, the Wayside Warehouse is an enormous structure where goods of all kinds are stored in transit. Any member of the Merchants' Guild can pay to store good here, or have goods transferred from one caravan to another.

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