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There was a podcast once

I made 5 episodes, got almost all the material for the 6th episode, and there you have it. no more has ever been edited. It was a lot of fun.

Episode 5- The Curse of Knowledge

John Kurtz reads The Humidity, and Casey Mckenzie reads The Curse of the Cuddle Zombies. Also Karl Marx has been learning a lot of new stuff, and you get to learn about how sewer grates can help you. Also, there's a... lot of fog?

The Midnight Snack Edition returns again with Interview with the Werewolf.


Ruth wplk and Rosalie Purvis provide deep and meaningful insight into the creative process behind the scenes of Reverend Ben's Dream Concession in this short.

Episode 4- Forces of Reason

A little bit, or a lot, late, episode 4 is finally here!

Charles Woodward reads Texas Paul, and E Hull reads Lost in the Swamp. Plus some guy in a panda bear suit with lab equipment wanted us to read a personal ad.

Episode 3- Moving On

Well. This week Jennifer Audette contributes a story, Safe Escape of Bears, which is read by Ruth wplk. And Rosalie Purvis Reads Bright. Plus Karl Marx gets re-reincarnated, and there's a demonology lesson. Yippee!

This is just a short little episode, Vanessa Long reads a flash, But It's So Cute, and we dug up this recording where Karl Marx criticized our short attention spans before his heart attack. Just a little something from the trailer before dozing off again.

Episode 2- It May Be Too Late


In this episode, Chelsea Kurtz from Apartment 8 News reads Moldylocks, and there's also a B sci-fi story, The 1950 Syndrome, read by a mystery guest.

Episode 1- Mistakes Were Made


This first episode, Michael Thompson reads Note2Self, and Zachary Kent reads Highway Miles.

© 2014 by ben boyarko

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