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There Are Some Speling Misteaks. Gramer Too.

Here's the thing. Sure it's a little annoying to catch spelling mistakes and bad grammar in any printed material. Sure, you expect that if someone is going to be taking themselves even a little bit seriously as a writer, they are going to catch every error, and have the work as polished as fine crystal.

There are three reasons that there are mistakes in here, and they are the same three reasons that I am not going to fix them. Reason one: Human nature

Contrary to what my friends and family say about me, I am a human being. And humans make mistakes. That's basically all we do. Mistakes happen. Some are worth correcting, like the Challenger. Som are not, like this sentence. Reason two: Non-sequitor

The whole reason that we (humans) have standardized rules for spelling and grammar is so we can understand each other. I don't think that the mistakes that have slipped through the umpteen edits of this blog-nobody-will-ever-read significantly detract from how easy it is to understand. Reason three: Respect

Perfection equals credibility. When you see something that is really spotless and perfect, it gives you respect for the person who made it. Credibility makes you believe that something is for real. Fiction is not for real, it's pretty much the exact opposite of that. And besides, I never wanted to be credible. I wanted to be incredible. When it comes right down to it, the only people who really, really, really care about perfect spelling and grammar are editors, proofreaders, middle school english teachers, and related species. Most people who actually enjoy reading, are not those related species.

So... I know that that was four reasons, and one of them was technically more of a pun that a reason. But who really cares?

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