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speaking of thinking

This weekend I got to visit with a couple friends. They say they're human, but i'm fairly certain that they are actually angels in disguise. We talked a lot about how over-rated consciousness is.

The thing is... Humans are just not that good at rational consciousness. We can spend a year of focused rational thought and still end up with mistakes, crossed wires, and mismatched socks.

The fact of the matter is that there is just too much going on in the world for any human to possibly handle all of the sensory input, let alone being able to translate that into thought. And acting on it is a whole 'nother problem. Not that rational thought isn't totally sweet.

I mean, we can think rationally, and there's something to be said for that. It's nice when you need it. It's just that we are so much better at sub-consciousness.

Think about how much energy you spend if you try to multiply 10,741 times 3. Now, remember that time you dropped a knife in the kitchen, and moved your foot out of the way just in time? How much energy did that take? When we need to (and we don't give our mind the chance to muddy up the water), we can operate wonderfully.

It's like making a margarita with a hammer- not impossible, just maybe not the easiest way.

There's always a certain amount of difficulty involved when you focus too much on using your rational mind. Not just in the lack of efficiency compared to sub-conscious thought, but also just on an existential level.

One of my angel (human) friends, pointed out that there's something about having rational thought that necessitates the cycle of life and death.

Rationality is all about making distinctions. You distinguish between life and death, yourself and another, night and day, this and that... Focusing on so many distinctions, you are ultimately left with the ultimate distinction- what is and what is not. It's hard when you are using all your attention up on things like that, to see unifying factors. Which brings us to super-consciousness. We have this too, and while we are fairly limited when it comes to rational consciousness, there is a whole floodgate opened when we come up to the level of super-consciousness.

Everyone can enter this state. It ain't no thing. You probably do it all the time anyways.

The super-interesting thing about super-consciousness is that you can't really make the distinction of personal identity that goes along with rational thought while you're involved in it. If you're actively engaged in taking information in, you are the transfer, not the transferee. Just like when you read a really good book, you're not the reader, you actually become the character for a moment. You have to oscillate back to your rational individual mind before you get back in your own body and your own self. There are two main ways that I think of accessing super-consciousness.

The first is through society. If you are reading this, then you are doing it right now. By sharing minds with other humans, you access a level of super-consciousness. Reading, talking, looking around the internet, asking questions... these are the vectors where an individual enters the human hive mind.

That patchwork group mind is where most of us access this next higher tier of thought. It comes easy for us, and it is a lot more rewarding than chugging through every single question with rationality.

There's a certain fluidity that sub-consciousness and super-consciousness share. It's not necessarily that there's something you loose and then regain on either side of the narrow focus of rational thought- more like a harmonic.

The other way is through communication with disincarnate beings. There's all kinds of ways to think of this that aren't as off-putting as the way I just said that. Sorry. I forget about these things sometimes. Some people call this prayer, some call it crazy, I'm sure there's other names for it too. Gods and Goddesses, Devas, Fairies, Angels(not the ones pretending to be humans), Forest Spirits, Saints, Dead People, Stars, whatever you want to call 'em.

Some of 'em know more than others. Some of 'em are no better or worse than any other human you are likely to meet. Then again, some have a mainline to the Universal Mind, and are more than happy to pass along anything of importance.

I guess this all sort of takes for granted though that the self is not the physical body, but the transcending attention and intention that witnesses the events that the physical body is involved in. And if you have that down, then there's really no point in talking about the different levels of consciousness at all.

I can't believe I just wasted a half-hour writing about that. I new rational consciousness was over rated.

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